Gadgetry / Modular Web Content
Add modular code into your website or blog. With a single line of code you can add a useful block of content and functionality into your website or blog.

The Guestbooker Gadget

The GuestBooker gadget provides modular content to be added to any web site. This gadget allows a site owner to record and share feedback with the user community.

Guestbooks can be configured and customized to match and complement the theme of the parent site.

Guestbook definitions and are stored remotely in a mySQL database. The gadget uses AJAX to access the guestbook definitions and responses to create an interactive user experience.

For information and the specific code for embedding this gadget into your website or blog, click here.

Gadgetry and Modular Web Development allows you to provide content and user experience in a distributed environment. Creative Gadgets and modular code let you reach a wide range of users and provide a unique marketing opportunity for your products and brands.